After a year of making Grid View / Big Picture images I decided to just make my own site. The game images on this website were all made by me. They can be used as replacements for the default images you see to represent a game in your library. Custom images can be nice for a lot of reasons. For one, the default images are often poor quality – sometimes they are even missing! Or maybe you are adding non-Steam games from GoG.com and other sources and need images for those. Finally, it’s nice to change them up once in a while to make your library feel fresh.

Let me be clear: the original artwork here is not my own. The work I do is to format custom images for various games, usually using a mix of logos, wallpapers, promotional art, and other sources. I do not use fan art. This is tricky, as it is a very narrow aspect ratio (460×215 or 920×430) and most stock art assets from a game are 16:9 at best – and often vertical if they are box art. So while it sounds simple, making good grid images takes some work and patience.

I make these images for Steam users, for the community. They are not open for commercial use. If you need them for that, or want to rehost any of them, please contact me for permission first.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? There are a other good places to look, including the Steamgrid Database and the Steam Banners Booru.

Have a request? Head over to r/steamgrid and post it. If I don’t get to it someone else probably will!

Want to make your own? Check my tutorial on Destructoid to get you started.

Appreciate my work? Leave a thank you over on my Steam profile!

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